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China Vision is one of the leading Ophthalmology Charity providers in China.

Our dedicated team of doctors and nurses combines years of clinical expertise and a strong research program to deliver the best of care to the patient

Dr Peter CJ Wong AM (Founder)

Dr Peter CJ Wong AM (Founder)

Dr Wong is the Chairman and the Founder of China Vision Inc.

He was born in China, graduated as a Pharmacist at Sydney University in 1964 and Faculty of Medicine in 1971.

He became a registered Family Physician in 1973.

Dr Wong has been a Member of Medical Board of NSW, Founder of Unity Party, and a Member of Parliament in NSW, State from 1998 to 2006.
Dr Michael Tiew (Anaesthetist)

Dr Michael Tiew (Anaesthetist)

Vice-chairman of China Vision Inc. & Our Anaesthetist

Born and grew up in Indonesia.

Studied in Australian and graduated from Medicine at The University of New South Wales; He worked 18 years at the Department of Anaesthesiology, New York Hospital – Cornell University Medical College in New York City as an Instructor in Anaesthesiology and rose to the rank of Associate Professor at Cornell University Medical College. Extensive clinical experience in anaesthesia for cardiac surgery and Neuro-surgery. He was a visiting Professor to China in 1986 and was awarded Honorary Professor of Anaesthetic at The Third Medical College at Chongqing, Sichuan, China in 1988 and Honorary Consultant at South West Hospital in Chongqing.

At the moment, Dr. Tjeuw is a Senior Consultant Anaesthetist of Westmead Hospital in Sydney.
Dr David Ng (Cataract Surgeon)

Dr David Ng (Cataract Surgeon)

Medical Director of China Vision Inc. and Cataract Surgeon for China Vision.

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Dr Clement Tiong (Anaesthetist)

Dr Clement Tiong (Anaesthetist)

Yaoping Wang RN

Yaoping Wang RN

Nurse Director and Treasurer of China Vision Inc since 2002.

Born in Shanghai and came to Australia in 1988. She became a Registered Nurse in Australia since 1991, and joined China Vision in 2002. She has also travelled to Burma as a Cardiac Nurse doing Bypass Surgery and Cambodia as an Ophthalmology Nurse doing Cataract Surgery.

Yaoping is currently working as a theatre nurse.
Monica Chu

Monica Chu

Kee Tai JP

Kee Tai JP

The Secretary (English) for China Vision Inc since 1997.

Born and grew up in Malaysia.

Studied in Sydney, Australia and graduated from The University of Sydney in Arts and Social Work. Have worked as Social Worker since 1986 and currently working in Anglicare. Married with 6 wonderful children. Joined China Vision medical mission since it first started in 1997. Also Lay Reader and Synod Representative in the Anglican Church Diocese of Sydney.

Kee works currently as a Social Worker for Anglicare.
Pinkie Leung JP

Pinkie Leung JP

The Secretary (Chinese) of China Vision Inc since she joined China Vision in 2001.

Born in Hong Kong, Migrated to Sydney at 18 years old.

Have worked as a Community Worker for 18 years, now she is a Case Manager of Anglicare SW Community Services, specialised in providing service to the frail aged and people with disability from different ethnic backgrounds. She has done a lot of charity work which includes organising fundraising activities for the local chartable community organisations. She is the founder of the Special Children Services Centre in Sydney.

Pinkie is a Case Manager of Anglicare SW Community Services.
Cherie Kan JP

Cherie Kan JP

Cherie is the Executive Committee Member of China Vision since 2002.

Cherie was born in Hong Kong.

Cherie studied in Australia and graduated from Public Health (Honours), Sydney Medical School at University of Sydney. Cherie has worked as Clinical Research Coordinator for more than 10 years. She joined China Vision Medical Mission since 2002. She has great commitment towards her motherland in China who earnestly hopes the eye vision of the Cataract patients to be restored leading a good life.

Cherie is currently working as Clinical Research Coordinator at ???



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