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We're working towards a world where no person is unnecessarily blind. For everyone, no matter whether they're rich or poor, to have the right to high quality and affordable eye care. 

China Vision aims to work with small provincial towns in China, focusing on blindness prevention and basic medical healthcare.

We aim to give the gift of sight to the poor in rural China who suffer from debilitating eye disease.

Without our help, they would have no means to pay for their eye tests or vision corrected.

Our dedicated China Vision medical team (comprising of surgeons, nurses, General Practitioners, Pharmacists, Optometrists, and volunteers) from Australia carry out cataract procedures and medical care completely free of charge to the locals.

China Vision survives solely through sponsorship and community’s support to accomplish its mission. The funding collected leads to the purchasing of medications patients, medical equipments, and supplies for cataract surgeries.


Help restore the SIGHT


To foster love, care & harmony in the community.


TO provide welfare services and financial assistance to people in need;

TO fund or otherwise provide support to charitable projects or non-profit organisations in Au
TO foster multiculturalism in the community; and

TO facilitate understanding between the Chinese community and the wider Australian community.


20 Years since founding the China Vision
20 China Vision trips
1000 patients
$millions of dollars of funding
Branches - Cambodia Vision
etc etc



Your donation is a powerful way to help one see the world again. 

Did you know $5 allows a person to see again with spectacles.

Did you know $50 allows 
one person to have cataract surgery 
and medical tests done.


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